Why not keep your old friend that now fits you like a glove and fix it for a fraction of the cost of replacing it?

Don Bilden is Licensed and Insured.
Serving locally in the Greater Portland Area, he has been repairing all brands and models of recliners, sofa and love-seat recliners, lift recliners, plus some hide-a-bed mechanisms for the past 30 years.

Common Repairs:

  • Release Cables, Parachute Pulls,
    Arm Insert Releases
  • Handles
  • Hinges or Scissor Mechanisms
  • Release Springs
  • Rocker Springs
  • Seat Springs
  • Swivel Bases
  • Bearing Plates
  • Seat, Back and Arm Frames
  • Lift Recliner Mechanism, Motors and Wands
  • More Padding to Seat and Backs
  • Complete Mechanisms


Mon-Sat: 8am - 8pm, if needed.
Will work with you to best fit your schedule!

Varies depending on service performed and distance travelled.
Average cost runs between $75.00 - $200.00


  • Most repairs are done on site.
  • Can pick up and deliver, with your help!
  • Also can cut your cost by bringing it to me!
  • Repairs are completed in one or two days,
    unless parts are needed to be ordered.